Welcome to PhotoVideo ART

Our names are Arek and Jarek, we’re a good friends team and we love creative and visual storytelling through cinematic wedding video and photography. Jarek is the technical part of the outfit with a passion Cinematic wedding video and event videos. Arek is the arty one and he especially loves natural light, wedding photography and newborn photography. We both think life is great and love the surprises and challenges it gives. Our approach is to capture your day as it naturally unfolds and retell it with emotion and stunning imagery. We find wedding film and photography to be at its best when captured discreetly. Thats why we prefer to work in a ‘fly on the wall’ style so to capture those precious moments in the best possible way as this helps your wedding DVD or Wedding Film looks so much appealing to the eye. Our particular style for Wedding Videography and wedding Photography has developed over the years due to the opportunities we have had to film and photograph so many differing types of weddings.

We understand that in order for you to get the best from your day you will want to hire a wedding videographer or photographer whom is familiar and experienced with everything that happens on your day. As well as Church and civil weddings we’re also experienced at many different diverse and amazing weddings. So you can have confidence that the extravagance and details of your event will be captured professionally and sensitively by PhotoVideo ART. We are familiar with multi-cultural weddings and work with many venues across the country regularly filming Greek, Jewish, Cypriot, chinese and Civil Weddings. We also specialise in Asian wedding Video and Asian wedding Photography for Indian, Hindu, Sikh, Chinese and Pakistani Weddings. A Wedding Video, Wedding Film or Wedding DVD by PhotoVideo ART will stand the test of time and feel fresh and relevant for many years to come. We can provide you with one wedding videographer or an additional Wedding Videographer depending on your requirements. Our wedding videography and photography services for Asian, Chinese, Hindu and Sikh wedding videos can be tailored to your needs with full UK, European and worldwide coverage.